General addiction treatment only $375

Covered by most medical insurance policies

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Our cold laser is Health Canada and FDA approved
Very effective
You will quit without medication, pills, patches or gum.
The speed of results may vary between individuals.

Our program:

To achieve our well-documented success rate of 70-95%, our clinics treat all three parts of addiction:
Physical – Laser/electronic stimulation of points on the ears to increase endorphin levels, relax you and minimize or eliminate the desire to consume.
Psychological – Pamphlets, advice, tools and personalized coaching.
Detoxification – eliminate from your body the thousands of dangerous, toxic and chemical poisons that result from inhaling the poisons hundreds of times a day.

What is the treatment?

The therapy consists of laser treatments, natural product therapy and a support program.
Gentle laser, no side effects. Uses a 60 watt bulb.
THE LASER METHOD for addiction in general
SUCCESS RATE: 70-95% Middlesex University in England

The infrared laser is a method that has been used for a long time in Europe, Australia and increasingly in Canada by naturopaths. Several studies carried out in Europe and the United States demonstrate the effectiveness of the infrared laser in the treatment of several pathologies. The treatment acts on stress, appetite, nervousness and addiction.

Origin and use of auriculotherapy
This method allows for effective cessation and makes it a high-tech variant of auriculotherapy, which has been practiced for centuries and has been proven to cure addictions.