Great service, and very professional employees, not to mention it actually works!

Mr. Stefano S

I made an appointment for my son and for 8 days he had two treatments.
Before he slept several times a day, he worked 6-8 hours a day, the rest of the time he smoked cannabis 6 to 12 times a day. He used to smoke all day long and he would spend most of the rest of time sleeping or lying on his bad.
Since he did the treatments, he spends more time with us talking, eating, or even taking walks. We saw a big improvement in his attitude and mood. He’s in better shape. It works well and we recommend it verry much.


I can honestly refer this clinic to everyone who wants treatments Excellent professional service

Maria D.F.


Mrs. Marcelle D.G.

Hi Heba, My name is Myra and I was at your clinic on Monday. I as soooooooo thrilled with myself right now. I have NO DESIRE AT ALL TO SMOKE and only hope that this continues. I have called and have spoken to at least 20 people who might be interested in the laser therapy. You mentioned to me that if they come in with your card they can get the $100. special Unfortunately, I only took 2 cards. Is there something you can do. As well, I have a new doctor (i’m lucky) who might be interested in telling her patients that smoke. A few weeks ago when I was there I mentioned it to her. She said she had heard about it but really knew nothing about it. Perhaps she can refer people. In any even, thank you, thank you, thank you. Warmly,


Hello my dear Heba, Here are my comments following the sessions that I spent in your office in the face of weight loss to be achieved as far as I am concerned. From the outset I say WOW it works,

In four weeks 12 pounds lighter under my skin. What is your secret ?

-Heba Your professionalism and that of your team
-Your wise advice, your ability to listen and the time you give us.
-your availability

I must add to this that this team will guide you so that you obtain the expected results. Here I am addressing the client like me, if you have the will and put into practice the teaching of Heba and her team you will succeed.

Greetings to the charming Heba and to your greet team.

Alain V

I received exceptional service in Brossard, they experienced therapists excellent presentation, I would recommend their services and their care for everyone. I’m losing 20 lbs 🙂


Great Service! I received excellent service from Mrs. Heba and her team at Sensation Therapy for the follow-up of my treatment. I lost 10 lbs in a few weeks and I feel much better. I continue towards my goal of losing 20 lbs and I am confident to achieve it.
Thanks to the good advice and the follow-up obtained. Good luck to everyone!

Jessé F