Despite everything that is said about nicotine, the dependence it creates is physical, not psychological.

Nicotine causes chemical and biological changes in the brain. Those are the psychoactive effects and, although less dramatic than those of heroin and cocaine, their addictive power is just as high. Nicotine is a reinforcement drug, and users will continue smoking more and more despite its damaging effects. For example, in a research conducted in 1994, only 50% of smokers who suffered from a heart attack and whom doctors had advised to quit did so. Incidentally, 50% of all regulars died from the consequences of tobacco smoking.

Since nicotine addiction is a physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms are severe. Most smokers are unable to quit after their first attempt, due to the gravity of those symptoms.

Our program will completely eliminate or greatly reduce the physical symptoms associated with quitting. With this treatment, your chances to quit smoking without feeling any withdrawal symptoms will be as high as 85%. After that, it is entirely up to you. But without any withdrawal symptoms, it will be incredibly easier to never smoke again.

This program will treat the physical side of nicotine addiction, but your determination remains a fundamental aspect of the stop smoking process. This is not a miracle treatment, and it would be a mistake to think otherwise. We would like to make it clear: you need to do your part.

To ease your transition toward tobacco-free living, we will recommend you certain natural supplements that are part of our program, but that are not included in the price of the laser treatment. It is important to know that those products are not mandatory, but that they are recommended to increase your chances of success.

As for the booster treatment, it will work only if you have not smoked. One cigarette would be enough to destroy the effect of the treatment, and we would have no choice but to do another complete treatment, at a fee, instead of a simple booster. If you have any strong cigarette cravings during the 7 to 30 days following your initial treatment, contact us and we will perform a booster treatment for free. Help us help you.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please warn us at least 48 hours in advance, to avoid the $50 same-day cancellation fee.

Other treatments available at our clinic

In addition to offering treatments to lose weight and stop smoking, we offer other laser treatments for addiction, treatments related to stress and anxiety, and this is in Montreal, Brossard and Laval.